Date: Sep 28th , 2020

Version number: V4.0.0.478




Function Preview

【Basic Module】Added Intelligent Sample

【Aluminium Door Module】Added Aluminium door function

【Aluminium Door Module】Added Winter Garden function

【Free Modeling】Supports dwg/skp import and editing

【Basic Module】Added structural components

【Ceiling Module】Parametric wall panel and irregular shaped design

【Door/Window Module】Mutual absorption between products and door/windows

【Bathroom cabinet Module】Optimize the entrance of sink installation


New Function details

【Basic Module】Intelligent Sample

【Aluminium door Module】Added Winter Garden

Description: Users can create your interior gardens with amazing details.


1.Enterprise designers can apply the templates to your designs.


【Aluminium door Module】Added Winter Garden

Description: Users can create your interior gardens with amazing details.


【Free Modeling】Import DWG/SKP file

Description: Supports dwg/skp import and editing


【Basic Module】Added structural components

Description: Support users to drag and place the flue .


【Ceiling Module】Panel parameters


1. Solve the automatic installation of plate lines and parameter adjustment

2. Intelligent adaptation of wall panel scheme, intelligent modification of wall panel parameters


【Ceiling Module】Offset shape

Description: The special shape can be offset and the director positions is depending on the mouse position


New optimization details 

【Base Module】: Drawing 

Description: The original storey height limit is 10m, and it is optimized to open to 500m in this version


【Door/Windows】: Ruler display


1. Mutual absorption between products and customized doors or windows

2. The product ruler location display


【Shower room】: Shower Room 


1. The shower room automatically adapts the width according to the inner space of the wall

【Bathroom cabinet 】: Sink 

Description: The basin protruding from the front water stop, automatically cuts the cross section of the front water stop and the opening


【Bathroom cabinet】: Sink installation 

Description:Cancel the electrical hardware entrance, and put the star basin installation entrance to the first level menu display

【Kitchen cabinet Module】Panel point editing


1. The vertices and dots of the arc type can be dragged and the radius value can be modified

The above is all contents of the update version!

Date: July 20th , 2020

Version number: V3.0.11.3635


Function Preview

【Basic Module】Guidance page for design

【Basic Module】Added Ceiling material in cloud

【Whole-house Custom Module】Parametric wine rack

【Tile Module】Water Jet color matching automatically

【Basic Module】Smart recommendation for Cloud

【Whole-house Custom Module】Operation guidance for cabinet group

【Bathroom cabinet Module】Integrated basin installation

【Bathroom cabinet Module】Inside sliding door

New Function details

【Basic Module】Guidance page for design

Description: Users can start to design quickly, and it contains tutorial links and advertising sections. It helps users to get familiar with the latest software features.

【Basic Module】Added Ceiling material in cloud

Description: Cloud—Finishing—Ceiling—Ceiling without downlight

【Whole-house Custom Module】Parametric wine rack


1. Supports various wine racks generation. Wraparound installation method for standard and half-grid wine rack.

2. It can be adjusted according to the arrangement of racks, inner dimensions and rack size.

3. It can add wine bottle props automatically. No need to add wine bottles by yourself.

4. Can be used to make grid racks for bathroom or bookcase with this function.

【Tile Module】Water Jet color matching automatically

Description: One-key color matching and custom matching for Water Jet. All you need to do is to choose color you want.

New optimization details 

【Basic Module】: Smart recommendation for Cloud

Description: Our algorithm recommends highly relevant models to match with users’ designs according to the space. Saves design time.

【Whole-house Custom Module】: Operation guidance for cabinet group

Description: Auto pop up on how to group cabinet units together.

【Bathroom cabinet Module】: Integrated basin installation

Description: Added integrated basins, which automatically adapt to the size of the cabinets within reasonable technical limitations.

【Bathroom cabinet Module】: Inside sliding door 

Description: Two new door arrangement types are available for sliding doors with more than 3 door layers.


The above is all contents of the update version!

Date: February 24th , 2020

Version number:


New optimization details 

【Basic Module 01】: Drag-in cloud material operation optimization

Description: Left-click on the cloud material, click the scene again to place the material, or right-click to cancel the acquired material before put it in the scheme.

【Basic Module 02】: Press enter Key to confirm operation

Description: Use the Enter key on the keyboard to confirm your input in order to reduce redundant operations with mouse click confirmation.

【Basic Module 03】: Free modeling–Move

Description: Support the operation of moving points and lines, and adjust the moving position by parameters.

【Bathroom cabinet Module 01】Inside sliding door optimization

Description: Added single rail, you can choose single-rail or double-rail for your design, and door leaf number is optional.

【Tile Module 01】: Scheme painter logic optimization

Description: Optimize the logic of using the scheme painter.

【Ceiling Module 01】: remove the external expansion button, default to generate light strip internally in generate light strip function

Description: The default internal light strip is more in line with the installation process.

【Ceiling Module 02】: Buckle panel attribute optimization 


1. change buckle panel attribute as product attribute.

2. adjust buckle panel extrude rule.

【Ceiling Module 03】: Optimization of paving starting point setting rules 

Description: When the user does not set a starting point, then the default vertex of the board is used as the starting point.

【Ceiling Module 04】: Scheme painter function adds door adaptation rules 

Description: Adaptation sequence is background wall, window, and door. If there is a corner window in the scene, the window on the wall directly opposite the door is taken as the identification unit.

【Ceiling Module 05】: Structure layer attribute interface optimization 

Description: optimized the structure layer attribute interface

1.Modify section edit entry.

2. Click to generate light strip will switch to the corresponding state.

【Whole-house Custom Module 01】Right-click menu optimization


1.Reformatting the function entry of the right button.

2. Simplify and move parts of the function entrance.

3. Classified the menu according to function usage.

【Whole-house Custom Module 02】Countertop texture optimization

Description: continuous mapping when contains fillet and chamfer.

【Whole-house Custom Module 03】Parameter setting optimization


1. The progressive value of rotation angle can be directly modified in the 3-axis rotate mode.

2. The progressive value of cabinet extrude can directly modified in the lower left corner in stretching mode.

【Whole-house Custom Module 04】Split line ruler optimization

Description: Optimized ruler for dividing line of countertop, put on the same side.

【Whole-house Custom Module 05】Optimize the menu bar style at the top of the interface

Description: including panel point editing, cabinet remark, countertop installation, line drawing, cabinet design toolbar.

【Whole-house Custom Module 06】Right-click menu

Description: When you click function with shortcut key, the corresponding shortcut key prompt is displayed above.

【Whole-house Custom Module 07】Edge banding Information

Description: optimize the editing interface of the edge banding type scheme.

【Whole-house Custom Module 08】Custom operation tips

Description: Added the right-click menu revision prompt.

【Whole-house Custom Module 09】Right-click menu

Description: Selective display based on functions that can select current object. Right-click menu to restore the format brush function entry.

【Whole-house Custom Module 10】Format painter

Description: Handle assign logic optimization.

【Whole-house Custom Module 11】panel point editing

Description:graph drilling adds array, mirror and deformation.

【Whole-house Custom Module 12】Transfer door panel

Description: 1. After being converted into door leaf, it is still in the selected state. 2. The editing panel is changed from the previous component to door leaf.

【Whole-house Custom Module 13】Countertop split line

Description: The effect of the split line can be displayed.


The above is all contents of the update version!

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